Gather supports local vendors by focusing on meal choices rather than restaurants ads, solving in-app marketing monopolies, and helping customers discover great local food options. Our immediate goal is to cultivate great food and cultural experiences, provide real-time insights for vendors, and eventually solve restaurants' settlement lag time dilemma.

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We do the math, so you can focus on the food.

Our team and technology handle analytics, saving you time, money and headaches, allowing you to better serve your customers and do what you do best.

Gather aims to support local vendors.

We never skim your sales.  We provide direct insights into your location specifics, customer experience, menu & business operations.

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A one-stop-shop for business management operations. An all-in-one platform.

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Understand your business by the numbers and pivot before the market trends hit your business; hello — beef prices skyrocketing in 2020. Pay a flat fee for the year (or quarterly), always knowing what costs are coming your way to operate.

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Vendor FAQs

Gather is only available in the United States of America.

Gather is free with the option to purchase customized reports.

No, Gather is not a food delivery platform. At Gather, our focus is helping vendors reduce food waste, create event menus based on attendee dietary accommodations, and have a more inclusive event overall.

Currently, Gather does not support the ability for customers to pay in the app. Therefore, if an event does not cover the food cost, customers must pay for their food in person.

Gather does not sell your data. However, Vendor and Enterprise accounts can purchase a report containing anonymized and de-identified information compared to its data.

We recognize that everyone's definition of a dietary lifestyle can be different. Therefore, in our app, under lifestyles and diets, the following options are defined: 

Celiac means you do not eat gluten, and items marked as celiac contain no gluten ingredients and are gluten-free. 

Vegan: this means the establishment does not sell any animal byproducts. Therefore, the dish does not contain any animal byproducts.

Vegetarian: this means the item does not contain meat, fish, or shellfish, but eggs and dairy are present. 

Pescatarian: this means the item contains only fruits, vegetables, dairy, and fish products. This dish expressly excludes shellfish.

Shellfish: this means the item contains only fruits, vegetables, dairy, and shellfish products. This dish explicitly excludes fish.

Currently, our application does not support religious or medical diets. However, we recognize a need for these diets and will incorporate them as soon as possible.

Gather's proprietary technology curates customer menu options based on their dietary accommodations.

Our allergen and diet verification process captures all ingredients to ensure our customers' health and safety.

Let us know if you need help inputting your ingredients, and a designated representative will work with you.

To ensure accurate results, Gather requires all ingredients for each menu item. However, we understand that some vendors have secret recipes, and we have a way to protect that information.

Let us know if you need help inputting your menu, and a designated Gather representative will work with you.


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