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For every foodie that wants to eat with confidence.
Why Such an Affordable Price?
Sustaining Our Service: This minimal fee is crucial for keeping Gather operational, ensuring we can continue delivering high-quality allergy alert services.
Committed to Your Well-being: At Gather, we recognize the seriousness of managing allergies. Our service isn’t just about business; it’s about providing vital information that can be life-saving.
Clear, Straightforward Terms
Non-Refundable Policy: To maintain our economical pricing, we adhere to a strict no-refund policy.
Your Privacy, Our Priority: We guarantee not to sell your personal information. Our sole focus is to keep you informed about critical allergy recalls.
What Your Subscription Includes
Easy Subscription Management: Your $5 investment ensures a full year of essential alerts tailored to your dietary needs.
Committed to Your Well-being: Remember, this page is for information only. Managing your subscription is simple and user-friendly on our sign-up page.
Refer a fellow vendor to sign up through our affinity program & you’ll both receive a discount on your membership.

Our Dedication at Gather:

Recognizing the profound impact allergies can have on life, we at Gather are deeply committed to providing you with accurate, timely recall alerts. We see our role as more than just a service provider; we are your steadfast partners in managing the complexities of allergies.

To understand the heart of our mission, read our founder's personal statement (link to blog piece) on the inspiration behind Gather's allergy alert initiative.

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