Gather aims to provide freedom for those with dietary accommodations to live an adventure-filled life through food that nourishes you, body and soul.

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We know firsthand how difficult it can be to find places to eat that meet dietary needs + medical requirements. All menu items go through a dietary check.

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Online mobile platform that connects you to vendors based on your dietary needs.

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Customer FAQs

Gather is only available in the United States of America.

Yes. Approximately 32 million people in the United States live with food allergies, and an additional 120 million people in the United States live with lifestyle diseases (e.g., diabetes, celiac disease, etc.).

At Gather, we built our application to support multiple dietary accommodations, including elimination diets, as living with medical-based dietary needs constantly evolves.

No, Gather is not a food delivery platform. At Gather, our focus is helping you discover great food at events!

At the moment, Gather is free for customers.

At the moment, Gather does not support payments in the app. So if an event does not cover the cost of food, you must pay for your food in person.

Discover great food that meets your dietary needs at events. Gather is the solution for those who have medically-based diets in mind.

Filter or search by ingredient or menu type. For example, have a craving for fried pickles, search for fried pickles, and we will deliver the results.

We take dietary accommodations seriously. Our founder is a celiac and has food allergies requiring an Epi-pen. We understand the difficulties and stress you might experience when dining out or, worse, that exposure others deem as minor but can result in hospitalization and being sick for weeks, if not months.

At Gather, we understand the pain of going through restaurant menus to identify what you can eat. We solve this through our proprietary technology, which curates menu options based on the dietary accommodations in your profile.

We do not sell your data. For more information about how we handle your personal information please see our privacy policy.

We recognize that everyone's definition of a dietary lifestyle can be different. Therefore, in the Gather app, under lifestyles and diets, the following options are defined: 

Celiac: this means you do not eat gluten, and items marked as celiac contains no gluten ingredients and is gluten-free. 

Vegan: this means the establishment does not sell any animal byproducts. The dish does not contain any animal byproducts.

Vegetarian: this means the item does not contain meat, fish, or shellfish, but eggs and dairy are present. 

Pescatarian: this means the item contains only fruits, vegetables, dairy, and fish products. This dish expressly excludes shellfish.

Shellfish: this means the item contains only fruits, vegetables, dairy, and shellfish products. This dish explicitly excludes fish.

Currently, our application does not support religious or medical diets. However, we recognize a need for these diets and will incorporate them as soon as possible. 

At Gather, we use the term dietary accommodations rather than dietary restrictions because under the American Disabilities Act (ADA), celiac disease, chrons disease, and diabetes are protected under the ADA — these are lifestyle diets that Gather supports.


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